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Opportunities in VSaaS for Loss Prevention

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This post will detail how video surveillance as a service, or VSaaS, is an innovative solution to the challenges that Loss Prevention professionals face.  Current Challenges The Loss Prevention team is an integral part of any business. Loss prevention leaders face numerous challenges in all aspects of the job. In the past, the average LP leader [...]

Adopting the Total Retail Loss Model for Improved Loss Prevention

2020-02-10T15:35:53+00:00Categories: Cloud storage, Retail|Tags: |

The Total Retail Loss Report by Professor Adrian Beck, provides the retail industry with a more effective understanding of retail loss. The report begins by laying out why the traditionally used term, “shrinkage” is too narrow. It then develops a more in-depth concept, called “Total Retail Loss.” The study is based on interviews with 100 senior [...]

How Much are Fraudulent Slips, Trips, and Falls Costing the UK Retail Sector Annually?

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It’s a lot more than you might suspect! Fraudulent slips, trips and falls claims culture costs businesses more than half a billion a year. It is estimated that many organisations are losing around five per cent of their annual revenue to fraud. Audit tracking, litigation and fraudulent claims have resulted in an increased requirement for businesses [...]