Are you a security installer and looking for ways to upgrade your service offering? In this blog post, we will discuss the power of value added solutions and provide actionable tips.


What is a Value Added Solution?

A value added solution can come in the form of a product or service and is something a company adds to their product or service before offering it to their customers. This proactive approach is an excellent way to demonstrate your commitment to your customers.

With a vast amount of choice in the marketplace, its increasingly important to set your business apart from competitors by adding value to your product or service. Furthermore, the surveillance industry is incredibly dynamic, so there is a lot of opportunity in the market to win over more new customers by thinking outside of the box in order to come up with innovative ways you can add value for your customers.



The Power of Creating Value Added Solutions for Your Customers

It is well-known in the marketing world that tailoring a product or service to meet the needs of the customer is a good way to show that you are delivering a better deal along with more perceived value. Can you think of any innovative solutions to some of the problems that your customers face?

If you are able to correctly leverage this strategy, it will have a powerful effect on your business by positioning yourself and your company as a value-adding partner rather than simply a supplier of commodity services. You can increase customer loyalty whilst increasing your revenue opportunities. But how can security installers offer value added solutions to their clients? We offer some ideas in the next paragraph.



How to Offer a Value Added Solution

First, start by learning and understanding your clients’ pain points:

What keeps your customers up at night?

Does your product or service solve that problem?

Creating value added solutions is about relieving the pain and creating a better life for your customers. 86% of security installers already offer a maintenance service to their customers (source), but what else could be done to enhance your level of service?  

Customers are looking for solutions from their security company. In a recent survey by IFSEC International, it was revealed that more than 82% of respondents said that security companies should provide advice on their wider security strategies (source).


GDPR Compliant CCTV

For example, think about how much your customers are currently paying for essential services such as GDPR compliance. Did you know that under the new GDPR regulations, all third-parties in CCTV footage must be redacted, or blurred? If you clients fail to redact third-party faces and/or to produce redacted CCTV footage within 30 days they could face massive fines from the ICO (see the ICO website here).

Are you aware of the method that your clients are currently using? The traditional method used to redact footage is often outsourced, and is extremely expensive, time-consuming, and potentially not secure.

How much value would it add to the client relationship if you provided them with an instant solution to GDPR compliance? Pixelate, powered by Ocucon, offers intelligent video redaction that is cost-effective, quick, and easy to use. By providing a video redaction service to your customers, you can save them time, money, and give them peace of mind that their video surveillance programme is GDPR compliant. 

View pricing plans for Pixelate here and register for a free, no-obligation web demo to get started.


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