OCCUPi by Ocucon is a live occupancy management solution

providing innovative, low cost occupancy control

occupi occupancy management
Providing door marshals is costly and requires shift work to give cover over opening hours
occupi occupancy management
Unmanned automatic store occupancy with a clear sign indicating the store is at capacity
Why Occupi by Ocucon

How It Works:



Occupi Store occupancy management

Using Deep Learning technology to recognise people and count the numbers entering and exiting the store, access will only be allowed when the total number of customers falls below the number set for the store.

A NEW API feature facilitates the extraction of store occupancy data in real time. Integration of this feed allows retailers to indicate online whether stores are full or how much available capacity there is. Through providing this data, OCCUPi API enhances the customer experience by enabling shoppers to observe LIVE occupancy levels in real time at their local store before committing to a journey, so that they can avoid unnecessary exposure to bad weather and queues. Contact us to learn more. 

Ocucon store occupancy management

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