Store Traffic Light Systems: An Effective CSR Initiative

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The Retail Gazette has just reported that three out of four retail staff in the UK said levels of abuse have actually increased during the pandemic. One in 10 retail staff have actually reported having been physically assaulted during the pandemic. These findings clearly have significant corporate social responsibility implications for retailers.  With 7 weeks in [...]

Real Time Occupancy Monitoring Feed for your Website with Occupi API

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Occupi, Ocucon’s ground-breaking occupancy monitoring and management system, has received notable attention in the press following installation at a number of global retailers. Occupi harnesses the power of AI and uses body detection to provide unrivalled accuracy, it senses people as they enter and exit stores and allows retailers to regulate customer numbers in line with [...]

Ocucon Featured on BBC News Click

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Ocucon has just featured in a piece filmed at Aldi’s Goldthorpe store in Rotherham by ‘Click’, the BBC’s flagship technology programme, which streams across five BBC channels, including iPlayer, and covers the latest developments in global technology. - The piece focuses on Occupi, an occupancy control system developed by Ocucon in the wake of COVID-19, following [...]

The Evolving Role of Loss Prevention

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Loss prevention leaders of today work in a dynamic environment, it’s a landscape which has changed dramatically as has the retail industry.  It’s an environment that is multi faceted, with various components and devices used to mitigate risk and protect people and property. Loss Prevention, or LP, leaders are well aware that their environment presents various [...]

How LP Teams Can Add Value & Profitability in the Age of Covid-19

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The unprecedented times that we all find ourselves in is proving challenging for all sectors. In retail, policies and procedures are constantly changing on a local and national level. Retailers are also facing a global rise in claims and fraud relating to slips, trips, and falls. Particularly for Retail Loss Prevention teams, adaptability and innovation should [...]

Making the Business Case for Investing in CCTV

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The National Retail Federation has just released its latest research, the National Retail Security Survey 2020.  The study found an actual reduction in the level of collaboration between Loss Prevention and IT teams from 2019 to 2020. Frequent / dedicated collaboration between LP and IT dropped from just over 30% in 2019 to 18% in 2020. This [...]

How To Protect The Health and Safety of Security Staff

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, many workers have found themselves working from home or have been furloughed. Many security employees, however, have continued to work, controlling retail shopping crowds, guarding company assets, and enforcing new rules like wearing a mask, social distancing and limited capacity levels in stores. All of these activities put them at a close [...]

How Retailers Can Deliver a High Quality Experience Whilst Following Social Distancing Rules

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Most retailers have in some way modified their store operations in order to facilitate social distancing to protect customers and staff from the coronavirus. However, key challenges remain, such as: — Difficulty determining which stores to reopen due to the uneven nature of the recovery — Consumer behaviour may be altered — Potential for too many [...]

How to Monitor Store Occupancy

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In response to the coronavirus pandemic, retailers, particularly supermarkets, have had to quickly adapt. This blog post will explore the challenge retailers face in monitoring their store occupancy levels but will also provide information about solutions available.  - A Challenge: Monitoring Store Occupancy Levels Of the many recommendations for retail stores during this challenging time, one [...]

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