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3107, 2018

How to Ensure Your CCTV System is ICO Compliant

July 31st, 2018|Categories: CCTV, GDPR, Video Redaction, Video Surveillance|0 Comments

 This blog post offers guidance for individuals / organisations looking for steps that they can take to ensure that their CCTV system is ICO compliant; including the installation, management, operation, public awareness and signage of your organisation’s CCTV system.   Step 1: Installation Perform a [...]

1707, 2018

How Much are Fraudulent Slips, Trips, and Falls Costing the UK Retail Sector Annually? It’s a lot More Than You Might Suspect!

July 17th, 2018|Categories: CCTV, Cloud Storage, Retail Industry, Video Surveillance|Tags: , , |0 Comments

Fraudulent slips, trips, and falls claims cost businesses more than half a billion a year. It is estimated that many organisations are losing around five per cent of their annual revenue to fraud (source). Audit tracking, litigation and fraudulent claims have resulted in an increased requirement [...]

207, 2018

Is Your Company Ready to Handle Subject Access Requests Under the New GDPR Regulations?

July 2nd, 2018|Categories: CCTV, Retail Industry, Video Redaction, Video Surveillance|Tags: , , , |0 Comments

The General Data Protection Regulations General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on 25 May 2018. Under these new regulations enforced across Europe, individuals have a right to request access to personal data (subject access requests) with requests processed within 30 days at no [...]

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